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Here are the results for the August 17-18 Bracket Bash.

Happy Birthday NSDRA and Greenfield Dragway! What better way to celebrate the 10th anniversary then to give away gobs of cash and eat BBQ chicken until your belly hurt...and that's just what we did.

Close to 160 entries were on the grounds under perfect skies with fantastic weather conditions all looking for a piece of the pie....and/or chicken! Mr. Keans (aka Dr. Hook & crew) gave us an awesome start line all weekend; coupled with the great air made for some low et's.

In the box eliminator category, Micheal Whynot used a first round buy-back but did not let off the pedal the rest of the way including a perfect .000 bulb in the final to defeat Doug Decker from Brooklyn, NS. Doug was not far off with an .036 but could not track Whynot down. Micheal backed-in the brinks truck and loaded on a cool $3600 for his efforts while Decker pocketed just over $900! Whynot had dumped Clayton Howatt in the semi's giving Howatt $200 while Tim Lawrence and Brian Mansfield each grabbed $100 for their quarter final finishes.

73 entries drew in for first round of the no box category and with the buy-backs it took eight rounds to complete this marathon. When the dust finally settled it was Mill Village's Darrin Hatt taking his S-10 to the winners circle when Charlottetown's Bruce Howatt lit the red in the final. Hatt's take was just over $3400 while Howatt claimed $1150 for the day. Scott Sprague from Waverley, NS red lighted away his chances in the semi to Howatt and took home $250 while Aaron Joudrey and Greg Nickerson each grabbed the $125 quarter final purses.

Whynot and Hatt squared-off for the $250 King of the Hill bonus complements of Valley Tire with Whynot collecting one more time.

In Sport Compact, Chester's Robert Tanner took out Jake Chaisson to claim the winner take all final. In junior dragster two eliminators were run on the day, co-sponsored by Kevin Lively Jr. Trucking and Cottman Transmission. In race one it was rookie Carson Nauffts taking top spot over Rebecca Lawrence with Gabby Bruhm and Ashley Walker having semi-final efforts. In race two Rebecca Lawrence just fell short again when she runner-upped to Nic Stewart from Bridgewater. Carson Nauffts and Ashley Walker were the semifinal finshers.

For Sunday's eliminator 34 Super Pro, 45 Pro, 13 Sportsman, 11 Bike / Sled, 7 Sport Compact and 8 Junior Dragsters were on the ladder for round one. Here are the results:

Super Pro:

#1 qualifier- 336G Brian Mansfield, Liverpool, NS, 9.520 on 9.52

W 406 John Croft, Blockhouse, NS, .019 RT, 10.590 on 10.60
L 496 Tim Lawrence, Lawrencetown, NS, .049 RT, 11.220 on 10.27

W 1122 Josh Goodwin, Wellington, NS, .017 RT, 9.345 on 9.29
L Bye

W 406 John Croft, Blockhouse, NS, .036 RT, 10.589 on 10.58
L 1122 Josh Goodwin, Wellington, NS, .016 RT, 9.291 on 9.32


#1 qualifier- 2124 Wayne Banks, Dartmouth, NS, 12.423 on 12.42

W 2300 David Massey, Chelsea, NS, .047 RT, 11.278 on 11.24
L 164 Brett Ramsay, Wellington, NS, .050 RT, 11.156 on 11.12

W 1009 Jeremy Keans, Liverpool, NS, -.049 FOUL, 11.164 on 11.18

W 1009 Jeremy Keans, Liverpool, NS, .022 RT, 20.122 on 11.16
L 2300 David Massey, Chelsea, NS, -.094 FOUL, 16.462 on 11.24


#1 qualifier- 2297 Sterling Rhuland, Bridgewater, NS, 14.738 on 14.73

W 1983 Bob Morse, Mahone Bay, NS, .092 RT, 15.092 on 14.78
L 2268 Devin Longmire, Sackville, NS, .105 RT, 14.724 on 13.50

W 2297 Sterling Rhuland, Jordan Falls, NS, .095 RT, 14.735 on 14.73
L 515 Mike Ingram, Sackville, NS, .078 RT, 13.565 on 13.57

W 1983 Bob Morse, Mahone Bay, NS, .023 RT, 15.26 on 14.78
L 2297 Sterling Rhuland, Jordan Falls, NS, .288 RT, 15.467 on 14.73

Bike / Sled:

#1 qualifier- B06, Mark Collet, St. Peters, NS, 11.172 on 11.17

W B06 Mark Collet, St. Peters, NS, .054 RT, 11.327 on 11.29
L S18A Kevin Lunn, Elmsdale, NS, .730 RT, 12.192 on 11.47

W B2197 Ricky Nauss Jr., Brooklyn, NS, -.034 FOUL, 9.939 on 10.01
L Bye

W B2197 Ricky Nauss Jr., Brooklyn, NS, .013 RT, 10.813 on 10.01
L B06 Mark Collet, St. Peters, NS, .075 RT, 13.091 on 11.29

Sport Compact:

#1 qualifier- 2290 George Joudrey, Blockhouse, NS, 14.888 on 14.80

W 2290 George Joudrey, Maitland, NS, .096 RT, 14.906 on 14.74
L 2799 S. Onyscuk, .245 RT, 16.270 on 16.18

W 2429 Jenna Rippey, Maitland, NS, .060RT, 15.987 on 15.94
L 2669 R. Manuel, .569 RT, 17.047 on 16.90

W 2429 Jenna Rippey, Maitland, NS, .189 RT, 15.969 on 15.94
L 2290 George Joudrey, Maitland, NS, .254 RT, 14.836 on 14.74

Junior Dragster:

#1 qualifier- 1496 Rebecca Lawrence, Lawrencetown, NS, 9.170 on 9.16

W 3181 Logan Power, Sackville, NS, .014 RT, 7.985 on 7.97
L 1496 Rebecca Lawrence, Lawrencetown, NS,.063 RT, 9.295 on 9.24

W 1316 Ashley Walker, Sackville, NS, .158 RT, 8.048 on 7.99
L 1231 Cale MacKay, Mineville, NS, .394 RT, 11.756 on 11.63

W 3181 Logan Power, Sackville, NS, .055 RT, 8.019 on 7.96
L 1316 Ashley Walker, Sackville, NS, .208 RT, 8.052 on 7.99

Special thanks to our many sponsors for this 10th anniversary event. It was a fantastic event with a great group of racers and friends and we look forward to seeing everyone back for the September event featuring the ADRA and Stock/Superstock series that weekend.

Revised 2021 Race Schedule

Greenfield Dragway Revised Tentative 2021 Race Schedule (click for details)

- July 24-25
- August 7-8
- August 28-29
- September 25-26 -- Postponed to October 16-17

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